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BYJU’S Education For All: Educating India’s Future, One Underserved Student at a Time

BYJU’S Education For All

BYJU’S Education For All – Access to education in India has improved in recent years, with latest NSS statistics indicating that over 95% of rural households had a primary and secondary school within 5 kilometres. According to the poll, over 48% of youth aged 15 to 24 were enrolled in both formal and non-formal education. Despite these encouraging figures, fairness and quality of education remain key challenges in India, which was compounded by the pandemic, resulting in learning loss and discontinuation of education.

BYJU’S launched its social impact initiative Education For All in 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, to mitigate the challenges of access to education and provide equal learning opportunities to children across India, regardless of socioeconomic barriers.

Since its inception, Education For All has been making a significant difference in the lives of children from underprivileged communities by bridging the gap between quality education and its free availability through tech-driven digital learning programmes. While its initial objective was to empower 5 million impoverished children by 2025 and bring about significant systemic change in the education ecosystem, BYJU’s Education for All programme was able to affect 3.4 lakh poor children in its first year.

As a result of the spectacular success, BYJU’s updated its goal and is now on a quest to address the trilemma of access, cost, and scale for 10 million poor students by 2025. So far, it has benefited 5.5 million children in India through 175+ NGO partners across 400 districts. Furthermore, BYJU’S aims to educate one new impoverished student through EFA for every new paid user.

BYJU’S Education For All

BYJU’S Education For All has undertaken various programmes under its banner over the past three years, driven by the notion that every kid, regardless of socioeconomic background or geographical constraints, deserves the basic right to education.

In collaboration with NITI Aayog, BYJU’S Education For All launched the Career Plus Programme’ in 67 aspirational districts in 2022 to identify over 3000 promising and deserving kids from classes 11 and 12 and give high-quality exam prep for JEE and NEET candidates.

The flagship programme of Education For All, ‘BYJU’S Fellowship Programme, was launched with the goal of identifying individuals from social development backgrounds and sending them to these aspirational districts as ‘fellows, overseeing the Social Initiatives and Career Plus programme, and guiding these students in their preparation for competitive exams.

On International Women’s Day 2022, BYJU’S announced the ‘LeadHERs’ programme to empower young girls from economically disadvantaged families. BYJUites were urged to identify any young females in need of educational support through LeadHERs, and these girls were subsequently provided with free BYJU’S premium learning content.

Abhayasa was created to deliver BYJU Exam Prep content to underserved youngsters and assist them in performing well in competitive examinations.

BYJU’s Education For All successfully worked with various state governments and civic bodies in 2022 to help empower and educate children in their respective states. Education For All has collaborated with the Border Security Force (BSF), the Government of Delhi, the WCD Department of Chhattisgarh, Thane Municipal Corporation, the Changlang District in Arunachal Pradesh, and the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

BYJU’S has provided licences to beneficiaries in remote locations through its broad network of NGOs. Through EFA’s partnerships with NGOs such as the Adani Foundation, Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM), Khaana Chahiye, Rural Development Trust, IN-DEED Foundation, Indian Cancer Society, SOS Children’s Villages, Smile Foundation, and others, devices and Android boxes loaded with BYJU’s premium learning content are being distributed to students for free. In November 2022, BYJU’s Education For All announced the appointment of football legend Lionel Messi as its Global Brand Ambassador.