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Bisleri International Showcases Its Commitment Towards Sustainability With Bisleri Greener Promise

Bisleri International

Bisleri International – Commitment Towards Sustainability

One of the first consumer products firms to achieve plastic-neutrality and water positivity, Bisleri International Pvt Ltd, has announced its sustainability campaign, called Bisleri Greener Promise. The advertisement stresses Bisleri’s position as a trustworthy company dedicated to water security, plastic recycling, and developing a circular economy.

The campaign showcases Bisleri International’s path towards old plastic by upcycling it into clothing, school bags, benches, and other items in order to support its aim of a greener future for everyone. Also, it illustrates the efforts made to conserve water and construct check dams, fostering a greener prosperity for future generations.

Bisleri International

CEO of Bisleri International Pvt Ltd., Angelo George, commented on the new campaign, saying, “Sustainability is a core concept of Bisleri International that directs all of our efforts. We are quite proud of our accomplishment in turning our company into a water-positive and plastic-neutral one. We have successfully offset our plastic use and returned more water to the environment than we use in our operations because to our creative strategies, wise alliances, and committed staff. Nonetheless, we understand that sustainability is a never-ending process. As part of the Bisleri Greener Commitment to improve the planet, we are devoted to enhancing our procedures by embracing innovations.”

Anuraag Khandelwal, CCO India of 82.5 Communications, commented on the campaign’s inventiveness by saying, “In addition to becoming synonymous with drinking water, Bisleri has earned a place in customers’ hearts and minds through the years. In addition to being the most popular bottled drinking water brand in the country, Bisleri consistently goes above and above to benefit the environment. This is a prelude to the world seeing what Bisleri quietly accomplishes for the future it envisions. The bird serves as a symbol of the new world Bisleri is building and the company’s ardent pursuit of plastic neutrality and water positivity. The message is delivered without becoming “gyaani” in genuine Bisleri fashion.”