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Bisleri unveils its 2025 sustainability goals for plastic recycling & water conservation


Bisleri – Sustainability goals for plastic recycling

Bisleri International announces its Bisleri Greener Promise 2025 sustainability goals for plastic recycling and water conservation.

Bisleri International Pvt Ltd, India’s leading mineral water company, has bolstered its sustainability strategy with the launch of the ‘Bisleri Greener Promise.’ The sustainability philosophy aims to create a greener future by reinforcing and implementing recycling, water conservation, and sustainability programmes.

Bisleri International is one of the first consumer goods companies to be plastic-neutral and water positive under the auspices of this philosophy. It emphasises its commitment to the country’s long-term development by announcing bold initiatives in plastic recycling and water conservation.

Through its Bottles for Change initiative, the company has stated its intention to collaborate with 20 major cities to collect and recycle 12,500 tonnes of plastic by 2025. It has also announced the restoration or construction of 350 dams in Maharashtra and Gujarat to ensure water security and crop production. More than 35,000 million litres of water will be harvested as part of the Project Nayi Umeed initiative, which will help irrigate more than 23,000 acres of land.


Bisleri International also published a sustainability report outlining its progress in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practises. The report was created by the TERI School of Advanced Studies. It focuses on Bisleri International’s efforts to create a circular economy, use resources efficiently, reduce GHG emissions, replenish water, and recycle packaging material.

Angelo George, CEO of Bisleri International Pvt Ltd, said of the company’s commitment to sustainability and the Bisleri Greener Promise, ” “At Bisleri International, we create solutions that promote business growth while also addressing environmental concerns. We are constantly striving to make a positive difference and are integrating our business strategy with sustainability objectives. As a result, we can operate with purpose and responsibility. Packaging innovation will remain a priority for the next three years, and we hope to be ready for the government’s guidelines on reuse targets.”

Bisleri International’s Bottle For Change initiative works to bring behavioural change and raise awareness about the importance of post-consumer plastic as part of its commitment to protect the environment and mitigate the effects of irresponsible disposal of used plastic. Bisleri International has changed the behaviour of 600,000 citizens through the programme by organising sensitization workshops and collection drives. Across seven cities, these workshops and drives were held at over 3500 housing societies, 680 educational institutions, 790 corporates, and 600 hotels and restaurants. Over 4000MT of used plastic has been collected and recycled as a result of the efforts.

The report’s initiatives and priorities are consistent with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Bisleri International also intends to set ambitious sustainability targets based on innovative business models. These objectives will support Bisleri International’s efforts to combat climate change, provide safe and healthy water for all, foster behavioural changes, and establish an effective circular economy for post-use packaging.