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Birlasoft and Impact4Nutrition Spread Awareness on Health and Nutrition in Adults and kids


Birlasoft, Impact4Nutrition Spread Awareness on Health & Nutrition

Impact4Nutrition – The health of the society and nation greatly benefits from increased nutrition awareness. Populations as a whole become unproductive due to nutritional inadequacies. India continues to struggle with child malnutrition, which makes it harder to achieve health-related Sustainable Development Goals. As a result, it’s critical to comprehend the significance of a healthy diet, nutritional deficits, and other issues.

The POSHAN Abhiyaan programme, which aims to enhance the nutritional health of children, adolescents, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers, was introduced by the Indian government in March 2018.

Through the application of a methodical convergent mechanism of service delivery, environment building, technology empowerment, programme strengthening, and monitoring, the flagship programme seeks to create synergy between various nutrition schemes across ministries in order to accomplish a common goal.


The following organisations came together to support this mission in 2019: Tata Trusts, CSRBOX, UNICEF, Sight and Life, CII, United Way Mumbai, and NASSCOM Foundation. This initiative was called “IMPAct4Nutrition” (I4N).

I4N is a platform that enables the commercial sector to actively participate in and create a social movement to promote the Poshan Abhiyaan with the help of their customers, employees, and families.

Hundreds are informed

To accomplish their objectives, Impact4Nutrition collaborated with one of the partners who made a pledge, “Birlasoft,” to hold awareness events for their staff. Additionally, a session was held for the kids of their partner NGO, Smile Foundation.

More than 450 Birlasoft workers participated in a virtual workshop on “Good nutrition and healthy eating at the workplace” on September 23, 2022. The session’s goal was to educate the workforce and featured knowledgeable speakers from the Impact4Nutrition team. The seminars covered a variety of issues related to leading a healthy lifestyle, including how to read food labels, macro- and micronutrients, and the fundamentals of nutrition for our daily dietary intake.

The Good Nutrition and Health Diet session was beneficial and educational, according to Mantri Swathi, a participant from the organisation.

Another session with the Birlasoft workers was held virtually on September 28, 2022. But only women were allowed to attend this session, which was titled “Nutrition for Women’s Health.”

The session’s goal was to inform women about the complications associated with lifestyle disorders and how to lessen the difficulties and issues that result from them, with the help of a member of the Impact4Nutrition team who was disseminating the information. They received management advice on how to deal with a variety of lifestyle-related diseases, including diabetes, hyperthyroidism, PCOS/PCOD, insulin resistance, and others.

Each of the 70 ladies who attended the workshop expressed gratitude to the speaker and the partners of Impact4Nutrition and Birlasoft for setting it up. In a secure setting, the participants were able to voice any required concerns they had and receive satisfactory answers to their issues.

Participant Vijayshree stated that the knowledge will assist everyone in taking better care of their health.

She claims, “Going forward, this session will help me concentrate on my health. I have experienced a variety of health issues as a woman over the course of my life. However, after listening to this session, I learned more about healthy eating and harmful lifestyles. I’m grateful to Dr. Swetha Patel for her excellent explanations of the details and eagerly anticipate learning more in the future.

Through these seminars, the staff members learned about healthy eating practises that can have long-term advantages, such as a rise in workplace productivity.