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On The Road to Net Zero Birla Carbon released its tenth Sustainability Report

Birla Carbon

Birla Carbon releases its 10th Sustainability Report

On the Road to Net Zero is the title of Birla Carbon’s 10th annual sustainability report, which was released today. Birla Carbon is one of the top producers and suppliers of high-quality carbon black solutions. The 2022 report focuses on the company’s goal of reaching net zero by 2050, the substantial advancements made with ContinuaTM Sustainable Carbonaceous Materials (SCM), and Birla Carbon’s contribution to a decade of involvement with and success in sustainability. 
“At Birla Carbon, sustainability and innovation are fundamental pillars that define success,” stated John Loudermilk, Chief Executive Officer. We make the most of every opportunity to safeguard the sustainability of our company, consumers, communities, and the entire planet. Our most recent Platinum rating from EcoVadis for sustainable business practises reflects this. Innovation will serve as the cornerstone of all we do at Birla Carbon from a business perspective. We acknowledge the dangers and benefits of our previous innovation; we discover ways to direct today’s interests and viewpoints toward a better tomorrow; and we find motivation to go on a shared voyage into the uncharted.

Birla Carbon Report

“Our decade of tracking sustainability deserves a special mention as Birla Carbon commemorates 10 years of dedication to sustainable practises,” he continued.

Key Takeaways from the Report –

EcoVadis platinum rating for environmentally friendly business methods 
67 percent of garbage is recycled, reused, or recovered. 
debt consolidation with a US$750 million loan based on sustainability performance 
Only global corporation, Carbon Black, has obtained IATF certification for all of its manufacturing facilities.