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Bharti Airtel acquires stake in Bengaluru startup, Lemnisk


Bharti Airtel acquires stake Lemnisk startup

One of India’s largest telecommunications firms, Bharti Airtel, revealed on Tuesday that it has purchased a strategic position in Bengaluru start-up Lemnisk (Immensitas Private Limited). Under the company’s startup accelerator programme, the acquisition was made.

The transaction is dependent on receiving the necessary statutory permissions. The start-up provides secure customer data platforms (CDP) and real-time marketing automation that can orchestrate cross-channel customer journeys and 1-to-1 personalization at scale, increasing conversions, customer retention, and business growth.

The largest CDP platform in the world will be created by the collaboration of the two businesses. Additionally, Airtel intends to provide this solution to its business clients via its network-integrated cloud platform as a service (CPaaS). It will give businesses the chance to build flexible, scalable, and multichannel client engagements.


Lemnisk has been accepted into the Airtel start-up accelerator programme and will be a part of our digital innovation engine, said Adarsh Nair, CEO of Airtel Digital. This alliance has a lot of potential, and Lemnisk and I want to build the biggest CDP platform on the planet. Our company, where more than 350 million consumers connect with brands on a daily basis across many contact points, is a natural fit for Lemnisk’s real-time marketing automation engine.

Subra Krishnan, co-founder and CEO of Lemnisk, stated that he and his co-founders, Rinku Ghosh and Praveen DS, hope to maximise the value of client data while maintaining strict privacy and permission guidelines. “Airtel’s aim fits with our vision to provide super big organisations with a single frictionless platform that both organises and activates huge volume and high velocity data,” the company said.