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BBMP Plea for CSR Engagement: Elevating Bengaluru’s Urban Landscape


The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has publicly invited Expressions of Interest (EoIs) from various sectors, including corporates, IT businesses, builders, and developers, in an effort to strengthen public-private collaboration for urban enhancement. The goal is to promote their active engagement and commitment of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding earmarked for the upkeep of the vast TenderSURE highways. These 13-kilometer-long highways, strategically positioned in Bengaluru’s core business sector, have become the focal point of the BBMP’s ambitious ‘Namma Raste’ plan.

The ‘Namma Raste’ program emerges as a comprehensive plan, concentrating on a wide range of maintenance tasks with the overarching goal of improving both the aesthetic and functional appeal of TenderSURE roadways. These initiatives include deep cleaning of interlocking cobblestones on footpaths, meticulous painting or replacement of bollards for bicycle lanes, the nurturing of green hedges adorned with ornamental plants, the proactive replacement of broken drainage gratings, the systematic clearing of silt deposits from stormwater drains, the timely repair of burnt-out streetlights, and the addition of additional features to improve the overall visual appeal of these vital urban arteries.

According to Chief Commissioner Tushar Giri Nath, the chosen roads are in commercial zones, specifically designated TenderSURE roads with pre-existing beautification programs. Nath emphasized the possibility for improved service levels with private sector involvement. He clarified that the EoIs are purposefully limited to TenderSURE highways, focusing on the upkeep of pathways, medians, and flora while ignoring duties for the main carriageway or pothole filling.


The BBMP’s request for assistance with the ‘Namma Raste’ program is a positive step toward bettering the city. It represents a combined effort between the government and private sector to improve Bengaluru.

This program is about more than just fixing roads; it is about improving the overall condition of the city. Let us celebrate this great shift and look forward to a Bengaluru that continues to grow and thrive.

Despite the excellent trajectory of the BBMP program, some corporate leaders have expressed concerns about redirecting CSR funding to road repair, claiming that this is essentially the job of the BBMP. Concerns have been expressed about the city’s annual spending transparency and the urgent need for more responsible government. Sirkanth Narasimhan, the BNP’s founder and general secretary, shared these thoughts, emphasizing the crucial necessity for open and honest administration to ensure the city’s long-term prosperity.