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Bangalore Medical Services Trust felicitates unsung heroes helping organ & tissue transplant

Bangalore Medical Services Trust

Bangalore Medical Services Trust felicitates unsung heroes

Bangalore Medical Services Trust – The nonprofit organization honoured the unsung heroes of the State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (SOTTO) of Karnataka, who make the difficult procedure of organ donation and transplantation effective, on the 40th anniversary of the non-profit trust, Bangalore Medical Services Trust (BMST). Dr. K. Sudhakar, the honourable Minister for Health & Family Welfare and Medical Education, attended the ceremony to recognize the heroes and advocate for the cause of organ donation in Karnataka.

There are a lot of people who are essential to the entire procedure but frequently go unseen before the doctor performs the complex surgery for an organ transplant. The forensics team does vital first investigations before to the transplant, the police establish a “green lane” to enable seamless delivery of the organ to the hospital, the airport in-charge ensures quick transfers, and more. Each of these people is essential to the donation and transplantation of organs.

Bangalore Medical Services Trust

A special event was held by BMST to honour the unsung heroes who contribute significantly to the transplant programme in Karnataka. This includes members of the Suvarna Arogya Suraksha Trust team, the Transplant Coordination Team at SOTTO, the HLA/Transplant Immunology Lab team, Traffic Police employees, Forensic teams, and Airport Authorities. The nonprofit trust will also be conducting a number of events, training sessions, and CMEs in conjunction with BMST’s 40th anniversary.

In order to increase organ donations and transplant programmes in Karnataka, SOTTO has done outstanding work. They have done this through community awareness campaigns, but even more so through their tireless counselling efforts and the generosity of the donor families’ hearts. With Blood Storage Centers (BSCs) in 26 hospitals, the dedicated team at SOTTO efficiently delivers 24/7 services to more than 90,000 patients annually.

“On the 40th anniversary of BMST, we decided to recognise the occasion by honouring and recognising the silent heroes who make the process of organ donation and transplant a success,” stated Dr. Latha Jagannathan, Medical Director and Managing Trustee, during the ceremony. Everyone who has worked with us to advance the campaign for organ donation and transplantation is a hero. We appreciate the contributions of the SOTTO team, the counsellors, lab technicians, police officers, and airport officials. I also want to express my gratitude to Dr. K. Sudhakar for always having my back. Being the change you want to see is something I’ve always tried to live by, and with the help of SOTTO, HLA Labs, SAST team, and the Karnataka Government authorities, we have accomplished so much.