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BALCO builds awareness on menstrual health management among specially-abled students

Menstrual health management

BALCO spreads awareness on menstrual health management

In honour of the International Day of Disabled Persons, Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO), India’s renowned aluminium manufacturer and a Vedanta Aluminum subsidiary, held a menstrual health management awareness programme for students with special needs at the Divya Jyoti School, Korba.

The company organized the educational session to raise awareness among the students as part of its project “Nayi Kiran” for menstrual health management, which aims to debunk menstrual health myths and taboos and promote healthy menstrual practices. It covered subjects like the significance of menstrual health as a biological process, how to control menstruation on one’s own using healthy and hygienic practices, the health effects associated with menstruation, the recommended nutritional diet, and other crucial details pertaining to menstruation.

Abhijit Pati, CEO & Director, BALCO, emphasized the significance of the initiative by saying, “The Nayi Kiran Project is aimed at improving women’s health within our communities through focused interventions. It aims to make menstrual health management topics more widely discussed in order to improve women’s reproductive health in a more inclusive way. We at BALCO are dedicated to going above and beyond to raise awareness about menstrual health & hygiene in order to improve the health of women and girls in the area.

Menstrual health management

The seminar on period health management was very instructive for our kids, and we extend our sincere thanks to BALCO for conducting this forward-thinking initiative, stated Ms. Reeta Kshetrapal, Principal, Divya Jyoti School Korba & Chairperson, Inner Wheel Education Society, Korba.

Project Nayi Kiran, which was started in 2019, works with 45 villages and wards in the Korba district, which includes both rural and urban areas. Up to this point, the initiative has held leadership and capacity-building workshops with more than 600 teenage girls, 200 self-help group members, and 60 frontline workers, empowering them to serve as torchbearers for promoting safe menstrual health practices. The project has made an inclusive effort by working to sensitise the male fraternity as well.

The renowned aluminium manufacturer in India is Bharat Aluminium Company Limited (BALCO). Vedanta Limited owns 51% of it, with the Indian government holding the remaining 49%. The largest aluminium producer in India, Vedanta Limited, includes BALCO as part of its Aluminium Business business. In Korba, Chhattisgarh, BALCO has a 0.57 million tonne per year aluminium smelter. It is a pioneer in the development of aluminium products with added value, which have vital uses in key sectors of the economy. The company accomplishes its aim of fostering new uses of aluminium as the “Metal of the Future” for a greener tomorrow with the help of its top-notch smelter and power facilities.