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Bajaj Foundation Releases its Latest Annual Report

Bajaj Foundation

Bajaj Foundation Released its Annual Report

Bajaj Foundation – With a thorough examination of the Foundation’s emphasis areas and programme accomplishments, the sixth edition of the annual report raises the bar for performance disclosure.

  • The study also highlights the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to promote a model of self-sufficient rural economic development that puts villages at the centre of its initiatives.

Describes the Foundation’s future plan as it tries to be more in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Bajaj Foundation, the CSR and philanthropic arm of the Bajaj Group, just published its most recent Annual Report for FY 2021–2022. The sixth edition of the annual report, which provides a detailed assessment of its emphasis areas, programme results, and strategic roadmap for the future, demonstrates the foundation’s dedication to rural development, people and community empowerment, and sustainability.

The report emphasises the Foundation’s programmes and successes in fields like water resource development, environmentally friendly farming, combating climate change, empowering women, and developing rural institutions.

Bajaj Foundation

Among the Foundation’s major accomplishments in FY 2021–2022 are:

The Wardha district in Maharashtra underwent river and stream revitalization, resulting in the irrigation and cultivation of 151757 acres of land, providing benefits to 23070 farming families.

  • Programs for the development of water resources that cover almost 300,000 acres of land and assist about 80,000 families
  • The implementation of Sustainable Agriculture methods on 156312 acres of land across 1370 villages has a favourable impact on 115714 farming families.

At the presentation of the report, Shri Haribhai Mori, President of the Bajaj Foundation, stated: “Through our efforts in villages throughout Wardha, Sikar, and Lalitpur, over 50,000 farmers and about 20 lakh people have had their lives significantly improved. Our three-pronged strategy of improving technology use, diversifying agriculture, and developing water resources has had a noticeable positive impact on communities. We are aware of our obligations as the great Bajaj name’s inheritors and we won’t stop working until all of our villages have the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” ideal achieved.