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Bachpan Manao, Badhte Jao: Initiative to Celebrate Childhood and Foster Lifelong Growth

Bachpan Manao, Badhte Jao

“Bachpan Manao, Badhte Jao” is a societal purpose to celebrate childhood while supporting each child’s full development. It is more than a campaign; it is a nation-building opportunity and societal mission, fueled by the concept that early childhood education (0-8 years) enables every child in India to attain their full potential, preparing them to excel in their future endeavors. 

The inauguration of this initiative signifies an important step forward in the advancement of early childhood development and the foundational stage in India. EkStep Foundation is incubating a growing network of 75+ organizations dedicated to the growth, well-being, and development of India’s youth. Nandan Nilekani, Rohini Nilekani, and Shankar Maruwada co-founded EkStep. 

This project emphasizes the critical role of collaboration in attaining every child’s fundamental right to holistic development. “Bachpan Manao, Badhte Jao” collabaction (a phrase created from collaboration and action) is dedicated to forming alliances that drive, sustain, and scale actions for long-term intergenerational impact. 

“Bachpan Manao, Badthe Jao” is a societal purpose to nurture the learning journey of India’s children by honoring childhood itself, which is the greatest teacher of all, according to Rohini Nilekani, co-founder of EkStep Foundation. Our country’s future belongs to its youngest inhabitants. Every year, around 25 million children are born in India, and we have the chance to ensure that each generation of youngsters learns. We have the best opportunity in the country to provide a solid foundation of learning for every child. A rising network of organizations has banded together to finish the unfinished business of providing every small child with the solid foundation required to become a lifelong learner in a fast changing world.  

Bachpan Manao, Badhte Jao

“This mission urges us to rethink how we approach early childhood in today’s world,” Shankar Maruwada added. It inspires us to recognize, cherish, and enjoy the abundance that exists inside and around each kid.  Our duty is to function as a catalyst for this cause, allowing it to flourish and be proudly borne on the shoulders of all collaborators.” 

Building on the work and developments of decades of government policy implementation and scientific research, the initiative focuses on the promise of curriculum frameworks and the need to recognize and see the abundance inherent in childhood as well as the abundance in the ecosystem working towards the wellbeing of India’s youngest children wherever they are.  

According to science, the brain’s plasticity is greatest during the first eight years, and over 85% of an individual’s brain growth happens by the age of six. These formative years of a child’s life shape their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Recognizing the deep and long-term effects of this stage on a child’s overall well-being, “Bachpan Manao, Badhte Jao” is committed to ensuring that every child in India grows up in a caring and empowering environment.