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Avaada Foundation is providing Sustainability through Education and Empowerment

Avaada Foundation

Avaada Foundation Providing Sustainability

Avaada Foundation – When Rekha Devi was a young adult, she lost her husband. She was anxious about having to provide for her daughter’s education. She had to deal with the loss because she was the family’s sole provider of income. This 28-year-old widow from Uttar Pradesh’s Jayapur hamlet lacked both self-assurance and formal education, so she was unsure of where to start. She made a conscious decision to protect her child’s education.

Rekha participated in the design stitching course at the Nav Kiran Skill Academy, which was established by the Avaada Group’s CSR arm, Avaada Foundation, in 2015. By the end of the course, she had not only gained her self-confidence but also a skill that would enable her to support her family and the education and future of her child. In actuality, Rekha has her today.

She was also able to land a job in Jayapur’s Khadi Gram Udyog because to the skills she received from the academy run by the Avaada Foundation. “Since I learnt to sew and started making money, my esteem in the community and in my family has grown. I appreciate the opportunity provided by the Nav Kiran Centre established by Avaada, stated Rekha. Many other women from her community have been inspired by and motivated by her story to enrol in the centre and learn skills to support their families’ lives.

Avaada Foundation’s initiatives to improve people’s lives have given many more women hope and the ability to dream, much like Rekha.

In addition to the compensation she earns from her job as a trainer at the training centre, Kanta claims that her monthly stitching income of Rs 2,500 that she performs for relatives and neighbours has become a valuable extra source of revenue for her family. “I’ve always been interested in sewing, but my skill has improved since I received training from experts at the stitching centre. I want to express my gratitude to the Avaada Foundation for helping me along the way and giving me the confidence to take on further initiatives.

Avaada Foundation

The notion

The Avaada Foundation was founded with the intention of becoming the most promising charitable organization by improving people’s lives. As its name implies, the foundation’s core values are rooted in the ancient Indian Vedic concept of “Bhumi Mata Putroaham Prithvay,” which holds that the earth should be cared for and maintained like a mother for present and future generations. This is a dream for us at Avaada. It is a declaration that will come to pass.

Every person owes his or her parents, who raised them, something. He owes his neighbourhood and culture. He owes the Gods and Sages something. Our mission in life is to pay back this debt to nature over our lifetime. With all positive Karma, we can repay our debts and enter Nirvana. According to Vineet Mittal, Chairman of the Avaada Foundation, “In difficult times like these, our purpose and principles matter a lot to the people and communities we serve, and we ought to consider ourselves fortunate to be able to serve them selflessly.”

Ayurveda, which denotes the study of life, and vaada, which means promise and denotes a commitment to building a sustainable future for all people, are the two terms that make up the name avaada.

Impacting change

The work of the Avaada Foundation goes beyond merely health, empowerment, and education. They carry out projects to build rural infrastructure as well as programmes to support livelihood improvement, gender equality, and employment through the development of vocational skills.

The Group has undertaken numerous initiatives for the Avaada Foundation and, to date, has worked with more than 3,000,030 people. It has covered 10000 Community Members, 60 Villages, 30 Districts, and 11 States.

The “Teaching to Transform Lives” curriculum for educators combines ideas from the field of neurology with those from contemporary research, conventional wisdom, and hands-on learning. It provides guidance on how to lead academically and change lives. The initial round of the programmes were held at GLA University in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, and 11 government and private institutions in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand.

More than 4000 pupils and 150 instructors in Rishikesh and more than 500 kids and 100 teachers in Mathura benefited from these programmes.

“Avaada Foundation’s goal is to promote long-term societal development through the introduction of value-based educational initiatives for students’ spiritual, moral, social, and cultural growth. The programme encourages the general creation of a positive ethos and culture.

Future Projects

In addition to running the Utkrishta Shiksha Abhiyaan throughout India, the Avaada Foundation has adopted five government schools in Mathura with the intention of transforming them into role models. In the long run, the Foundation plans to introduce nutrition and health basket packages for vulnerable groups of society and many more women-centric empowerment initiatives in order to promote the UN’s zero hunger target.

Avaada also intends to expand government programmes that assist the same through all of these measures. Additionally, they geo-tag the plantations they make from desolate areas because they don’t believe that any land is ever damaged.