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Art and culture festival begins in Gurugram

Art and culture festival

Art and culture festival in Gurugram

Art and culture festival – The “KalaGram Society,” which was jointly established by the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) and the Gurugram administration, has organized an art and culture festival in Gurugram in association with the Haryana Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Trust and the Hyundai India Motor Foundation.

Nishant Kumar Yadav, the Deputy Commissioner of Gurugram, along with other representatives of the administration, launched the festival on Wednesday. The festival’s final day will be October 16, 2022.

In addition to handicrafts, this five-day festival will feature a rare fusion of various cultural programmes.

Nishant Kumar Yadav, the deputy commissioner of Gurugram, made an appeal to the general public, saying that it is expected that everyone in Gurugram will work together to support the morale of the artists during this special gathering of artists and art enthusiasts being held in Gurugram.

Art and culture festival

“This state is home to numerous artists and craftspeople since it has a diverse culture. He claimed that the Kala-Utsav sponsored by the KalaGram Society will strengthen this tradition even more and turn Gurugram into a gathering place for all art enthusiasts.

“In line with our global mission of “Progress for Humanity,” the Hyundai Motor India Foundation has been actively advancing the interests of artists and craftspeople across a variety of genres. As part of our CSR initiatives, we want to give artists and small businesses a unique platform to showcase and monetize their skills by giving them an even playing field. One of our many art CSR activities, the Artisan Fest supports artists and performers. In order to make the festival more accessible, we have worked with the Haryana State CSR Trust, the District Administration, and MCG KalaGram for this, our second edition “Hyundai Motor India Ltd.’s Puneet Anand, assistant vice president and group head of corporate affairs, stated.

Visitors can also take in a variety of cultural performances, such as those by Churu Rajasthani artist Bhopa Bhopi, Haryanvi instrumentalists, Himachal and Haryana folk storytellers, music and theatre, puppet shows, Haryanvi folk dance and instruments, Himachal folklores, Nukkad Natak by Gurujal Society, and dance performances.

Young photographers will have the opportunity to depict our rich past via their modern lenses in a photographic competition with the theme “Crafts of India.”