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After Samsung and Amazon, Apple restricts ChatGPT use by employees: Report

ChatGPT use

ChatGPT use – According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has put additional restrictions on its employees’ use of external artificial intelligence (AI) applications, like ChatGPT. According to the article, which cites a document and internal sources, Apple is working on its own equivalent AI technology and is concerned about the potential loss of personal data by staff who use external AI programmes.

Furthermore, Apple has reportedly told its staff not to use Copilot, a Microsoft-owned software code automation tool housed on GitHub. The company’s warning comes amid concerns over illegal sharing of sensitive information.

ChatGPT use

OpenAI, the organisation behind ChatGPT, recently announced the addition of a “incognito mode” for ChatGPT. This setting prevents users’ chat histories from being saved or used to improve the AI model’s capabilities. The decision was made in response to growing concern about how AI systems like ChatGPT and their derivative chatbots handle and use massive volumes of user data for training and improvement.

As Apple continues to build its own AI technology, these restrictions on third-party AI tools are most likely intended to protect intellectual property and maintain control over data usage. Meanwhile, other corporations, like Samsung, JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, and Amazon, have prohibited their employees’ use of ChatGPT.