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Apple to increase App Store prices in these countries

App Store prices

Apple to increase App Store prices

App Store prices – Apple recently disclosed that beginning on February 13 it will raise app fees in the UK and other nations. The corporation claims that the adjustment is the result of rising currency volatility and shifting value-added tax (VAT) rates in various locations. All apps and in-app purchases that are sold on the App Store will be subject to the new prices.

Apple provides app developers with a variety of price options, including free apps, premium apps, and in-app purchases. Developers can also charge a monthly fee for customers to access an app’s features or content by offering subscription-based pricing for their apps. Additionally, Apple permits developers to set promotional prices for their apps, such as a temporary low price. The business just revealed that it will add 700 more price tiers for apps on the App Store, with prices ranging from 29 cents to $10,000.

App Store prices

According to a statement from Apple, “These new pricing enhancements will be available for applications offering auto-renewable subscriptions starting today, and for all other apps and in-app purchases in spring 2023. This will provide all developers unparalleled flexibility and ability to price.”

The statement continued, “These newly announced tools will create even more flexibility for developers to price their products while remaining approachable to the hundreds of millions of users Apple serves worldwide, and in turn help developers continue to thrive on the App Store. Rollout will start today and continue through 2023.”

The hike in the VAT rate is a part of a bigger global trend where governments aim to boost the amount of taxes they can recoup from online businesses.