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AppDynamics Cloud launched by Cisco for maximizing digital experiences

AppDynamics Cloud

Cisco launches AppDynamics Cloud for digital experiences

To maximize business results and consumer experience, Cisco has initiated AppDynamics Cloud, a cloud-native availability console associated telemetry data from across any cloud environment at a large scale to ameliorate application performance problems with business context and insights-driven actions. The intelligent operations speed up the identification and pixel density of performance problems before they affects the company or the brand, saying that the company. 
AppDynamics Cloud combines performance and ease of use in a single, simple interface. It puts the focus where it needs to be – 360-degree visibility and insights and the ability to take actions that result in amazing application experiences every time,” said Liz Centoni, EVP, Chief Strategy Officer, GM of Applications. 
The platform enables cross-team collaboration including DevOps, Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) and other key business stakeholders to achieve common benchmarks such as Service Level Objectives (SLOs) and organizational KPIs. While many organizations still run their mission-critical and revenue-generating systems on traditional applications, modern business applications are increasingly built with DevOps initiatives and must support distributed architectures and services.

AppDynamics Cloud

The garment industry is more dynamic, competitive, and complex than ever. Every part of your business needs to be operating at maximum capacity, from sourcing to sales to customer care, because even the tiniest delay or hiccup can have a significant impact on everything from manufacturing to customers’ ability to purchase things online. Tim Masey, vice president of Carhartt’s IT Infrastructure & Security, said that in order to ensure that everything is functioning effectively, it is essential to have total insight into every aspect of operations.

The abundance of metrics, events, logs, and traces (MELT) produced in this environment, including network, databases, storage, containers, security, and cloud service, is ingested by AppDynamics Cloud. Then steps can be made to maximize transaction income, reduce costs, and secure user and corporate data. Additionally, because it is based on real outcomes and is developed with cloud-native observability from the ground up, a corporation can address problems as they arise—or even before they do—and guarantee that digital services meet customers’ needs exactly. 
Starting on June 28, existing AppDynamics users can upgrade to AppDynamics Cloud and continue to use their current application performance monitoring (APM) agents, or they can use both services simultaneously. With potential expansion to Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other cloud providers, AppDynamics Cloud enables managed cloud-native Kubernetes installations on Amazon Web Services (AWS).