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Apni Pathshala and Selligion Praho collaborate to digitally empower children in Maharashtra

Apni Pathshala

Apni Pathshala & Selligion Praho to digitally empower children

Selligion Praho, India’s first native hybrid cloud computer, announces its first ever cooperation with Apni Paatshala, a non-profit organization dedicated to make excellent quality digital literacy a birthright for every Indian kid. The primary purpose of this cooperation is to construct community-based learning centers known as “Learning Pods” that would offer children across India with access to high-quality digital education. In Mumbai, Maharashtra, three community learning centers have been established: Health Library, KEM Library, and JJ Hospital. These centers provide students bite-sized learning in the form of user-friendly modules, ensuring maximum knowledge and absorption.

Apni Paatshala founder Dr Aniruddha Malpani observed a large national need in quality education, notably digital literacy. Selligion and the Apni Paatshala centers hope to fill this need by delivering high-quality education to a wide number of students at reasonable costs around the country. Selligion is responsible for assessing candidates, supplying PCs with keyboards, mice, displays, speakers/headphones, and webcams, and providing after-sales assistance. The usual Selligion Device Replacement Warranty applies to all hardware supplied.

Apni Pathshala

[Observations on the partnership “In the current economic scenario, digitization is the need of the hour for education and employment,” stated Apeksha Mehta, Co-Founder and Spokesperson at Selligion Technologies. Unfortunately, less than 10-15% of Indian households own a computer. We understand this gap and are changing India’s digital requirements by cooperating with Apni Paatshala and providing quality digital education to kids across the country. We are pleased to supply powerful PCs for these Digital Learning Pods, where many youngsters may educate themselves and dream about a bright future. We already have 20 Apni Pathshala Learning Pods in operation across India, with another 80 on the way, with the goal of ensuring that the largest number of recipients nationally achieve digital empowerment.

Apni Pathshala is a Public-Private Partnership approach in which they collaborate with NGOs and individuals to establish community-based computer learning centers in order to design customized solutions that are appropriate for their community. The Pod leaders do not need to be qualified teachers; they only need to be people who want to share their expertise and time with their community. These micro-entrepreneurs manage Apni Pathshala Learning Pods, which are community-based learning centers that use powerful Selligion computers to educate neighborhood children.

The computers are pre-loaded with free, high-quality information linked to the curriculum, which is available in English and a variety of local languages, allowing students to choose their chosen language. The idea is to deliver information in an entertaining way using technology. The Pod leads may be charged for free.