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Ambuja Cements Revives a Rural Oasis in Rajasthan Amplifying Sustainable Community Development

Ambuja Cements

As part of its commitment to rural development, Ambuja Cements, the cement and construction material subsidiary of the diversified Adani Group, revives a rural oasis. at accordance with this promise, Ambuja Cements’ CSR arm has led a transformational journey at Didiya Kala Village, Nagaur, Rajasthan. 

Ambuja Cements’ tailored initiatives to meet specific needs of the village included the implementation of innovative water management systems such as household Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Systems (RRWHS), Pond Deepening, Drip Irrigation Systems, and the establishment of Farm Ponds. The organization has put these innovative water management techniques in place to ensure effective water use and a sustainable water supply for the community.  

The Visnani pond, located in the middle of Didiya Kala hamlet, is an important water source for the population. Ambuja Cements’ revitalization activities contributed to a significant increase in the storage capacity of this water body within its catchment area. 

Ambuja Cements

Ambuja Cements constantly encourages the formation of People’s Institutions for communities to take ownership of processes and structures in their villages in order for any project to be sustainable. In an encouraging turn of events, a group of enthusiastic young villagers set out on a mission to revitalize the Visnani pond. With the help of Ambuja Cements, they established the Visnani Talab Vikas Samiti, a fully registered committee under the Rajasthan Societies Act of 1958. They amassed a substantial fund for pond renovation by pooling contributions from every household in the village and government department personnel, including Bhamashahs from Alva village and local officials. 

Ambuja Cements remains committed to its purpose of bringing good change to rural communities through creative CSR programs, with Didiya Kala village acting as a shining example of its transformative journey. This inspirational community-led effort has not only revitalized Visnani Pond, but also the spirit of Didiya Kala hamlet, proving the power of collaborative action in rural development.