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Amazon to launch new app for streaming sports and related content


Amazon to launch app for streaming sports

A standalone sports streaming app from Amazon may be released soon. This action would be in line with Amazon’s plan to improve the sports content options available on its Prime Video platform. Sports are now one of the most popular live streaming genres, and they can increase viewership on services like Amazon Prime.

Amazon will enter the market against rivals like Disney, which is now the market leader in the sports sector, according to a report by The Information. This new offering will be made possible by Amazon already having the rights to stream a number of prominent sporting events, such as Thursday Night Football and Premier League soccer games in the UK.

Amazon might build up a new tier with exclusive sports content or combine the sports streaming features with the present Prime Video options in terms of subscription pricing.


The story makes no mention of the new application’s launch date or whether Amazon would actually go through with the process of releasing the sports app. In reaction to growing expenses and diminishing demand brought on by the current uncertain economic climate, the corporation has lately evaluated its unproductive business units and implemented layoffs.

One of the major US internet companies, Amazon, recently let go of staff members. The business disclosed employment losses in the gadgets sector.