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Amazon India always ready to #DeliverTheLove all round Indian festive season

Amazon India

Amazon India is always ready to #DeliverTheLove

Amazon India – Every year for the Indian holiday, Amazon India uses the #DeliverTheLove campaigns to share a number of moving stories that make the audience cry. 
Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Diwali, or Raksha Bandhan, Amazon India Amazon has continued the storytelling heritage and has a narrative for every situation. Amazon India has always been a leader in walking the walk and engaging audiences via imaginative storytelling. 
Even as people get ready to celebrate one of India’s most significant festivals, the tough days of the pandemic are still recalled. The #DeliverTheLove initiatives from Amazon India never failed to express gratitude to strangers who assisted people in need. Support for the festival’s attempt to honor unsung Covid heroes has been strong.

Amazon India


Under the hashtag #DeliverTheLove, Amazon developed a Rakshabandhan campaign that honored the delightful childhood memories. A digital film that shows a brother and sister’s relationship as they get ready for the celebrations opens the advertising. It demonstrates how gestures made by the giver are just as important as the things they receive. 
“#DeliverTheLove is a brand idea that was created from a simple awareness that during certain moments in life, what counts most is the love you share & the ties you strengthen,” stated Ravi Desai, Director, Mass and Brand Marketing, Amazon India, in reference to the campaign. Gifts are frequently unintended. Thus, the Amazon brand appropriately takes a backseat in this ad and lets the tale of two siblings and their emotions take centre stage. The honest, self-effacing language of the brand underlines that we can only do so much (deliver your gifts) …BUT it’s you who can #DeliverTheLove. This campaign is unique since it was entirely internalized and resonated with a broad cross-section of India.


In the midst of a pandemic, it was challenging to celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Amazon India didn’t let the lockdown and social restrictions stop them from giving their audience a joyful experience, concentrating on the idea that “Some things should never change, no matter the distance! ”


The advertising campaign highlights the universal struggle any brother who does not celebrate Rakshabandhan with his sister goes through. On this day, every brother puts out the greatest effort to maintain this connection and to demonstrate to their sisters that distance will never be able to sever this bond.


In the advertisement, an elderly woman is getting ready to welcome her brother, who will be stopping by for Raksha Bandhan. Her grandson is unable to comprehend why her brother continually buys Jamun for her when he has access to Amazon India and can purchase anything there. She explains to him the importance of seeing your sister in person on important occasions like these with a wonderful anecdote.


In the 2016 advertisement, an elderly brother was shown to be eager to visit her sister’s home for Rakhi while the son suggested ordering gifts from Amazon. In order to commemorate Raksha Bandhan, Amazon India emphasizes that it is the go-to place for many people to send gifts and rakhis. During this festive season, the brand steps in.

2019 Mother’s Day

A mother is the only person who can replace everyone else, but no one else can, according to Amazon‘s #DeliverTheLove ad. No one can be your mother or even attempt to care for and nurture you in the same manner that she does, even though she may be your friend, adviser, carer, and teacher.

Diwali 2021

The idea illustrates how some connections transcend conventional relationship classifications and are truly unique to us. The story relates the touching tale of a child who nearly perished during the pandemic and how the family who stepped up to save him came to mean a lot to him. It highlights the numerous relationships that are held together by unique cords that run through our hearts. It is crucial to value these connections and show our love for the unique people in our life at a time when so many things are unclear. The project captures the essence of these connections and brings out the feelings that go along with them.