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Amazon launches first-of-its-kind floating store in India; check details

floating store in India

Floating store in India – Amazon India has launched the country’s first-ever floating ‘I Have Space’ store on Dal Lake in Srinagar. This strengthens Amazon’s delivery network. Murtaza Khan Kashi owns Selec Town, a houseboat on Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake, and has opted to become a ‘I Have Space’ partner for Amazon deliveries. 

Residents and companies on Dal Lake and Nigeen Lake will benefit from this new store. Previously, individuals had to use shikaras to go to the coasts or rely on adjacent stores to pick up their Amazon packages. Murtaza will personally deliver packages to consumers’ doorsteps every day, using Selec Town as his headquarters.  

Floating store in India

Dr. Karuna Shankar Pande, Director of Amazon Logistics, India, was ecstatic about this exciting new addition to Amazon’s delivery network. “We are thrilled to be onboard India’s first floating ‘I Have Space’ store on Dal Lake in Srinagar,” he said. This will allow us to give consumers in Srinagar with more dependable, efficient, and timely delivery. This also underscores our commitment to provide meaningful opportunities for individuals while also offering new capabilities to strengthen our delivery network.” 

“While I have a houseboat as my primary business, it only brings in seasonal income from tourists in Srinagar,” Murtaza explained. However, the expense of running the houseboat is too expensive, making it tough for our family. I started looking for additional income sources to help with my rising bills. That’s when I discovered Amazon’s ‘I Have Space’ initiative, which lets local business owners like me to augment our normal revenue by delivering items to Amazon customers. I saw this as the ideal opportunity for me to spend my free time, use my shikara to deliver items to Amazon customers, and earn extra money.” 

The ‘I Have Space’ program, which was introduced in 2015, works with local businesses and company owners to deliver products to clients within a 2 to 4 kilometer radius of their location. Amazon claims to have over 28,000 neighborhood and kirana partners in India, spread throughout nearly 420 towns and cities.