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AM/NS India – 1,100 women assisted to become self-sufficient

AM/NS India women self-sufficient

AM/NS India – Over 1,100 women in India have been assisted in becoming self-sufficient

AM/NS India – ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India (AM/NS India) is encouraging women’s empowerment by assisting hundreds of women in the areas surrounding its facility in Hazira, Surat, in becoming self-sufficient. 
AM/NS India has established Lok Vikas Kendras or Skill Development Centres in the villages of Hazira, Rajgiri, Junagam, Damka, Mora, and Bhatlai in the area of its 9 million tonnes per annum steel production in Hazira as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) operations. 
The Lok Vikas Kendras give free tailoring and other vocational training to women and girls in rural villages, including computer training, cosmetics, embroidery, and baking. They have been able to stand on their own thanks to the effort. 
“The project has been a huge success. In the past year, more than 1,100 women and girls have benefited from it. The training has enabled the recipients, many of whom are high school dropouts, to develop their abilities in a chosen vocation and become financially self-sufficient and empowered. In a year, the campaign hopes to empower more than 5000 women. CSR projects are supposed to foster collaborative, inclusive, and long-term development, and AM/NS India’s effort perfectly encapsulates the spirit of CSR. Dr. Vikas Yadvendu, Head – CSR, AM/NS India, stated, “We are committed to continuing to support the local community in various developmental activities.” 
The project has provided new chances for the beneficiaries, many of whom are now able to provide for themselves and their families or contribute an additional source of income to the home, helping them to regain control over their life. 
In addition to vocational training, the Lok Vikas Kendra’s host awareness sessions and seminars on a variety of topics for the beneficiaries, including pre-marital issues, dowry, microinsurance, the role of family counselling centres, child marriage, and others. 

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