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Alstom and NSRCEL to launch the second cohort of the Incubation Programme to support startups


Alstom, a global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, and NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore’s startup hub, are pleased to announce the second cohort of their Sustainability Incubation Program. This initiative aims to support innovative startups that are dedicated to combating climate change and addressing various sustainability challenges. The program promotes the development, scaling, and market integration of technology solutions that replace high-emission, energy-intensive, non-recyclable incumbents.

The Sustainability Incubation Program is critical in assisting startups in developing sustainable technology, establishing favorable policy environments, and establishing scalable go-to-market and revenue models that prioritize climate-centric solutions. This program is intended to help startups in their early stages of revenue, with a focus on green manufacturing, mobility infrastructure, energy and renewable energy, climate technology, alternative fuels, and vehicle technology.

“As one of the leaders in sustainable mobility, the NSRCEL Sustainability Incubation program is core to Alstom’s impact investments in the country,” said Olivier LOISON, Managing Director at Alstom India. Following the success of the first cohort, we are excited to broaden the program’s scope to include more holistic sustainability. The second cohort aims to have a positive impact on India’s climate challenges, and we are excited to see the solutions reach their full potential.”

We are excited to announce the second cohort of the Sustainability Incubation Program, in collaboration with Alstom. This program demonstrates our commitment to nurturing and supporting initiatives that aim to make a positive impact in the climate technology space. “Together, we’re sowing the seeds of a greener, more prosperous tomorrow,” said NSRCEL CEO Anand Sri Ganesh.


The 22 selected ventures were chosen from 344 applications based on the viability of their ideas and proposed solutions to the problems at hand. These ventures that have been selected will go through a pre-incubation program that will reinforce their foundational business fundamentals and provide mentorship based on their specific needs. Following that, these ventures will enter a six-month incubation period in which they will develop prototypes and fine-tune their pitches to the screening committee.

The program is intended to increase ventures’ knowledge and expertise in the sustainability space, allowing them to analyze their product-market fit for various contexts. It provides startups with interactive capacity-building workshops, contextual mentorship, and valuable ecosystem connections.

The program’s content is tailored to the specific needs of each participating startup. Throughout the program, startups will be given advice on how to navigate the ecosystem, understand policies, and comply with regulations. A grant pool of Rs. 1.5 crores has been set aside to assist startups with the greatest potential for making a significant impact.