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Akasa Air receives praise for picking sneakers over heels as part of cabin crew uniform

Akasa Air

Akasa Air praised for picking sneakers over heels

When it comes to cabin crew professionals, uniform has always been one of the most important factors. They must dress in a specific manner, always wear formal attire, and women must always wear high heels. However, Akasa Air is breaking the mould and prioritizing comfort over formality by incorporating sneakers into its cabin crew uniform.

A LinkedIn user shared a photo of an Akasa Air cabin crew member dressed casually, highlighting the airline’s unique approach to uniform design.

Diksha Mishra, a Bengaluru resident, recently expressed her delight at Akasa Air’s decision to adopt a more comfortable cabin attendant uniform. She shared her experience on LinkedIn, along with a photo of an Akasa Air flight attendant wearing sneakers.

“I recently took a flight from Akasa Air and was suprised but really happy to see a well-deserved change,” she wrote on Linkedin. Attached is a photo of the air hostess looking at ease in her new uniform. There will be no more killer heels to run the services. Absolute comfort, and I’m sure it was long overdue for these people. Congratulations, Akasa Air, on defying convention. Best wishes for your operations in the aviation industry. #akasaair #airhostess #uniform #aviation #flight”

Akasa Air

“Thank you so much, Diksha!” said Akasa Air in response to Diksha’s post. Comfort is one of our core values. We believe that providing exceptional service necessitates a high level of comfort. We look forward to welcoming you aboard as soon as possible.”

The airline prioritises the comfort of its employees by providing them with sneakers that are ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing, and comfortable. According to media reports, the airline also claims to be the only airline in India to provide such tailored uniforms for its flight attendants.