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ADP India – 400+ associates celebrated Grand India’s 76th Independence Day

ADP India

ADP India commemorated India’s Independence Day

ADP India, a top provider of HRM software & services, held a spectacular celebration of the nation’s 75th anniversary of independence at its One West office in Hyderabad’s Nanakramguda neighbourhood. More than 400 ADP India partners and their families came together for the revival of the yearly celebration. The day of fun was highlighted by upbeat music, cultural celebrations, the presence of loved ones, and delicious food. 
ADP India planned the event as a fun, extended weekend activity where ADPeers and their families get together and spend quality bonding time together to vitalize the high spirits that the day rightly demands. As patriotic fervour pervaded the day, the event was a success. ADP India’s employees came together to celebrate India’s Independence Day as they realized the need to rethink employee engagement. The day celebrates efforts toward individual empowerment and, by extension, a united front, an attitude that perfectly captures ADP‘s CSR philosophy. Talented students were invited to participate in the day’s cultural events in order to inspire the young people of the NGOs that ADP supports.

ADP India

Dr. Vipul Singh, Divisional Vice President and Head of HR, expressed his delight at the gathering by saying, “ADP India’s mission for empowerment through solidarity fuses together with that of India’s Independence Day. Therefore, the day is quite important to us all. The opportunity to celebrate our Independence Day with the ADP Family has been a joy and a blessing. We commemorated this historic day in a very small number even during the pandemic, demonstrating the ADPeers‘ conviction that peace is all that is necessary to forge a strong neighbourhood and nation.