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Adani Family commits Rs 60K Cr to charity on Gautam Adani’s 60th birthday

Adani Family

On Gautam Adani’s birthday, the Adani Family commits Rs 60,000 Cr

In honour of Gautam Adani’s 60th birthday and his father, Shri Shantilal Adani, who turns 100 this year, the Adani Family has promised to donate Rs 60,000 crore to a number of charity organizations. This corpus will be managed by the Adani Foundation.

Focusing on healthcare, education, and skill development is increasingly important if India is to take full advantage of its demographic advantage. A “Atmanirbhar Bharat” is hindered by the deficiencies in each of these categories. 

In each of these areas, The Adani Foundation has a wealth of experience working with local people on integrated development efforts. 

The competency and competitiveness of our future workforce can be greatly improved by addressing these issues.

The family has decided to donate Rs. 60,000 crores to charitable endeavours related to healthcare, education, and skill development, particularly in the rural areas of our country, in honour of my 60th birthday as well as the 100th anniversary of the birth of my inspirational father, according to Mr. Gautam Adani, Chairman, Adani Group.
Programs related to all three of these areas should be viewed holistically from a very fundamental perspective since they interact to produce a just and future-ready India. Thanks to our experience in major project planning and execution as well as the lessons discovered through the work carried out by the Adani Foundation, we will be able to accelerate these projects in a distinctive way.

Adani Family

According to Mr. Azim Premji, Chairman of the Azim Premji Foundation and Founder Chairman of Wipro Limited, “Gautam Adani and his family’s commitment to philanthropy should set an example that we can all try to live Mahatma Gandhi’s principle of Trusteeship of Wealth at the peak of our business success and need not wait for our sunset years.” One of the most famous philanthropists is Mr. Premji. We must unite as a nation to solve the issues and seize the opportunities before us, overcoming differences in money, geography, religion, caste, and other aspects. I express my best wishes for success in this important national undertaking to Gautam Adani and his Foundation.

With a stronger focus on women’s emancipation, The Adani Foundation has over the years responded to society’s evolving needs in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), whether it be addressing environmental issues, ensuring everyone has access to healthy food and education, or addressing sustainable livelihoods. It currently provides services to 3.7 million individuals in 2,409 villages located across 16 Indian states.