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Adani Airports raises $250 million for airports development

Adani Airports

Adani Airports raises $250 mn for development of Airport

Adani Airports Holdings Ltd (AAHL), an Adani Enterprises wholly-owned company, raised $250 million for airport expansion. Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) and Barclays Bank PLC have joined forces to fund a $250 million senior secured 3-year external commercial borrowing (ECB) facility for AAHL. The facility has the ability to raise an additional $200 million. 
According to AAHL, this funding is in accordance with its mission of creating a transformative airport infrastructure platform. 
“We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality infrastructure access via both physical and digital channels.” “With the funding of AAHL, MIAL, and NMIAL, the first phase of our capital management plan is now in motion, and we will now focus on scaling up the airports business into one of the largest airport platforms globally,” said an AAHL spokeswoman.

Adani Airports

Last week, AAHL-managed credit funds helped Mumbai International Airport raise $750 million in senior secured private placement notes. AHL has tapped three separate pools of funds totaling $2.74 billion, including NMIAL’s $1.74 billion financial closure from the domestic banking sector. 
AAHL is preparing for the next phase of its capital management strategy, which includes entering public capital markets and building infrastructure. 
The AAHL network consists of eight airports located in diverse cities that manage 50% of the top 10 domestic routes, 23% of overall Indian air traffic, and 30% of India’s air cargo. 

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