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ACC Limited spends Rs 35.95 Crores on Community Development, benefits 5 Lakh people

ACC Limited

ACC Limited spends Rs 35.95 Cr on Community Development

NEW DELHI (India CSR): ACC Limited, which has been associated with cement in India for the past 85 years, has committed a staggering Rs. 35.95 crores toward its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) for the time frame of January 1, 2021, through December 31, 2021. 
The entire CSR spending for ACC for the year was Rs. 35.95 Crore. According to their annual report, this represented 2.03 percent of the net profit average over the previous three (3) years. 
More than 5 lakh individuals in more than 150 villages and nine (9) municipal regions nationwide benefited from its community development projects. 
Through the ACC TRUST, ACC carried out its social development programmes.

ACC Limited

Throughout the year, the regular community development programmes were vigorously continued, and the scope of these projects was also expanded. 
Along with initiatives on the standard CSR thematic areas of Sustainable Livelihood, Quality of Education, and WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Health-Hygiene), special attention was paid to sustainable livelihood, mitigating malnutrition, conserving water, and combating the COVID-19 pandemic situation this year. 
These programmes adhere to Schedule VII of the 2013 Companies Act and are consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. 
25,000 kids were served by education programmes near the company’s facilities in 2021. Smart classrooms, interactive kiosks, and digital schooling all helped pupils learn more effectively. Students received more than 1,200 Vidyasarathi scholarships for further education.

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Under the public-private partnership programme with the Government of India, ACC sponsors seven (7) Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) that are operated by the government. 
WASH programmes worked with municipal organizations to manage waste while eradicating malnutrition and addressing community needs for clean water and improved health. 
In order to conserve water and guarantee its availability for irrigation and drinking during dry spells, 57 water conservation buildings were built in communities throughout plant locations. 
Additionally, the company assisted in recharging dry wells, defunct borewells, and in-situ moisture conservation, which boosts agricultural production. 
Through 330 Anganwadi centres supported by the Company, ACC’s attempts to end malnutrition assisted more than 20,000 children and gave them access to better health and nutrition. About 10,000 individuals of the community benefited from general and specific health camps.