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ACC Approach to Conserve Water & Create a Sustainable Environment in Odisha


Under its CSR program, ACC, the cement and building material division of the diversified Adani Group, has taken on the task of water conservation in the Bargarh district of Odisha state, with the goal of improving groundwater levels and fostering a clean and environmentally friendly environment.

ACC has taken a proactive approach to water conservation in the midst of Bargarh’s tough climate, which is characterized by high temperature swings. Water scarcity is a severe issue for residents of Katapali, which has an annual rainfall of roughly 1050mm. This has an influence on agriculture, which is the region’s mainstay. In order to solve the region’s water deficit, ACC assisted Katapali Gram Panchayat in its participatory approach of deepening the Katapali Pond. This project, which involved the extraction of soil from the pond, was completed successfully by ACC and Adani Foundation at a cost of Rs 16 lakhs.


Katapali Pond’s depth has greatly boosted its water storage capacity. This program, carried out in partnership with the village government, is expected to benefit about 2500 members of the local community greatly. Furthermore, it lays the path for year-round agriculture on 50 to 60 acres of land.

ACC and the Adani Foundation continue to provide assistance in the Bargarh District, inspiring other enterprises and organizations to prioritize to prioritize environmental sustainability. Their collaborative projects, in collaboration with many stakeholders, not only address the region’s urgent difficulties, but also work toward a more sustainable future for Bargarh and its people.