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Aao Padhai Karein CSR campaign by Fujifilm India

Aao Padhai Karein

Fujifilm India’s Aao Padhai Karein CSR campaign

Fujifilm India, a pioneer in imaging technology, has strengthened its commitment to contribute to the advancement and general development of society by working with Parwarish Cares Foundation in Gurgaon (India CSR). Fujifilm will distribute 1000 ‘YeloGreen Bags,’ a student organizer for education, to impoverished children as part of its ‘Aao Padhai Karein‘ initiative, allowing them to sit and learn comfortably at school and at home. 
Many students in India, particularly those from low-income families, lack access to the fundamental necessities and facilities needed to study. With this in mind, Fujifilm India will distribute the ‘YeloGreen Bags,’ a holistic organizer for students that changes into a foldable workstation for students, as part of this initiative. 
Fujifilm will also offer training programmes for children to help them defend themselves against sexual abuse. This is a long-term, large-scale project with the goal of ending child sexual abuse in India by 2030. 
From March to May 2022, the Aao Padhai Karein Campaign would benefit students from the Government Senior Secondary School, Sec-45, Kanhai Gurugram, and Country Grammar School. On March 31, Fujifilm India and Parwarish Cares Foundation will distribute 1000 bags to schools, beginning with Government Senior Secondary School, Sec-45, Kanhai Gurugram. Fujifilm India will be supported by the foundation to train 1000 students as part of the training programme, with 500 students each from Govt. Model Sanskriti School and Country Grammar School.

Aao Padhai Karein

“We are striving to make good change in a student’s life through ‘Aao Padhai Karein‘ in cooperation with Parwarish Cares Foundation,” stated Koji Wada, Managing Director, Fujifilm India. We believe that the campaign has the potential to grow into a full-fledged movement that will assist students in their school and home surroundings and encourage studies, based on our concept of creating a better world for tomorrow. We recognise that students confront unique problems when it comes to studying, as well as a lack of infrastructure that can obstruct their academic success. To solve this, we’ve created YeloGreen bags that convert into a floor workstation, encouraging kids to stand up straight rather than bend over their books.” 
Through its commercial activities and proactive interaction with local communities as a corporate citizen, Fujifilm has made a constructive contribution to society, resulting in long-term growth. As a CSR plan, the Fujifilm Group produced its Sustainable Value Plan 2030 (SVP2030), which is projected to lay the foundation for the Group’s long-term business management strategies.” 
The Fujifilm Group will take additional efforts to address social challenges through economic activities, including the deployment of innovative technologies, goods, and services, in order to grow into a company that can make a greater contribution to the creation of a sustainable society. 

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