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Google introduces 30-second non-skippable ads for users who watch YouTube on TVs

non-skippable ads

Non-skippable ads – YouTube stated at Brandcast 2023 that all of its TV users would now watch 30-second unskippable commercials on linked TVs. Previously, viewers were shown two 15-second advertisements. In addition, the firm said that customers would now be able to stop a video in order to acquire additional information about it.

YouTube stated that the 30-second ad was chosen because longer form content allows for better storytelling. “We’re bringing 30-second non-skips to YouTube Select on CTV.” We understand that running longer-form material on the big screen coincides with your goals and allows for greater narrative. YouTube Select is now landing more than 70% of TV impressions.

Non-skippable ads

You can only escape these unskippable commercials on YouTube by purchasing a premium membership. YouTube Premium costs Rs 139 per month in India, but Rs 129 per month if you choose auto-renewal.

In addition, YouTube has stated that viewers will be able to pause videos to obtain further information. “We’re bringing new Pause experiences to CTV so you can drive awareness or action by owning that unique interactive moment when people pause a video,” according to YouTube. This makes it easy for viewers to discover more about your business.”

These features are currently only available in the United States. However, these are likely to be available to Indian customers soon.

YouTube also disclosed that many advertisers are employing Google AI to generate compelling advertising. Sony Electronics recently used Google AI to provide appropriate voice over product advertisements and saw a 25% increase in ad recall. Google stated, “From endless iterations of your ads to videos trimmed or flipped for the right formats, Google AI helps businesses market at the speed of consumers.”