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3 Adani Group factories to be built in India to generate 3 mn tons of hydrogen by 2030

Adani Group giga factories

Adani Group giga factories in India, for hydrogen generation

Adani Group giga factories – A prominent person in the ports-to-power sector and the chairman of the Adani Group, Gautam Adani, announced that the company plans to construct three gigafactories in India with a focus on integrated green-energy value chains. The production of technologies like polysilicon, solar modules, fully completed wind turbines, and hydrogen electrolyzers will be the primary focus of these gigafactories. He was speaking as he accepted the US India Business Council’s Global Leadership Award (USIBC).

Adani added that 3 million tonnes of hydrogen and an extra 45 GW of renewable energy will be produced through these gigafactories before 2030, in addition to their 20 GW of current capacity. “This value chain will be totally indigenous and tailored to our country’s geopolitical demands,” he continued. However, I believe we can further accelerate our aims with backing from companies in the US that are prepared to cooperate with us. We both stand to gain from this!

Adani Group giga factories

The business tycoon, who recently made headlines for becoming the richest man in the world, also mentioned that the Adani Group had pledged almost $70 billion to combating climate change. He emphasized, “Both of our nations must find a means to profit from this huge stimulus, with the US climate bill having been signed into law. Governments have played their bit; now it’s up to businesses to find ways to work together. He then spoke extensively on the semiconductor industry in India and claimed that even though it has the “largest global pool for millions of engineers,” notably for American businesses, India’s economy still adds the majority of its value outside of the nation. He claims that because of its “semiconductor nationalism,” India cannot continue to rely on international markets and will need US support for technology transfer. 
The CEO of the Adani Group once more emphasized India’s role in the COVID-19 pandemic. He proclaimed, “The epidemic’s distinctions gave rise to the term de-globalization, which has grown in popularity. Formalizing vaccine cooperation between our nations in a way that is advantageous to both parties must be a major priority for us.