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GAIL, RMC decide to Set Up Bio-Gas Plant in City

GAIL, RMC, Set-up, Bio Gas Plant, Ranchi

GAIL, RMC decide to set up Bio-Gas plant in the city

In a bid to effectively advantageous management of household wastes, the Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) and Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) are mulling over to create a Bio-Gas Plant at waste dump yard at Jhiri in Ranchi. A memorandum of understanding in this regard is going to be signed within 1 month.

Addressing a press meet on Friday GAIL Eastern India, Executive Director, KB Singh mentioned that a 180 tonne to 200 tonne capacity of waste management plant will be made at Jhiri in order that through household wastes Bio-Gas could generate. “Through this plant not only Bio-Gas will produce but Organic Fertilizer also will be produced. The plant can generate 5 tonnes of Bio Gas per day which is approximate consumption of 2000 auto rickshaw per day,” he added.

Singh added on the occasion that as a part of the Petroleum Conservation Research Association‘s (PCRA) larger campaign – Sanrakshan Kshamta Mahotsav, GAIL is organizing Saksham Fit India Walkathon on February 9 at Sri Jagannath HEC Ground in the State Capital at 9.30 am.

“PM, Narendra Modi firmly believes that if every citizen avoids using diesel or petrol-driven transport medium, even for 1 day within a week, it would add up an excellent feat to the development of new India.

Inspired by PM Modi’s vision, PCRA has organized a month-long awakening campaign through which walkathons across near to 624 districts are going to be organized by oil and gas PSU’s to draw mass attention and sensitize various groups of society on need and benefits of petroleum products conservation,” added Singh.

Emphasizing the necessity of the campaign, the Executive Director said that the main motive behind Saksham is to develop a mass awakening to adopt walking as a mechanism to not just save fuel but also safeguard the environment and its limited resources at large.

“Walking should even be looked at as a primary fitness activity, especially aimed towards the improvement of health. The objective of the campaign and therefore the walkathon is to sensitize participants about the conservation of petroleum products, educate the masses on ways to mitigate pollution levels and save income by choosing to go by short distances and spending against the externalities of pollution.

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