Microsoft to house a cloud unit within big IT cos with India on its mind

Microsoft to house a cloud unit within big IT cos with India on its mind

Microsoft to house a cloud unit within big IT cos with India on its mind

The Tech Giant Microsoft is pulling ahead to make a separate business unit within large IT companies, like Tata Consultancy Services, and the 3rd-largest HCL Technologies are a number of the players that have already partnered with Microsoft on this initiative, during a collaboration drive to accelerate its India business.

Anant Maheshwari, the Microsoft India president told ET in an interview as this is often a serious overhaul in terms of strategy, under which the local Microsoft official would only worry with sales at the India operations as the business unit helps IT companies in selling the whole stack of Microsoft offerings – starting from AI solutions to business applications – over the cloud to their customers who could also be spread across the world.

Maheshwari said this was a part of the “One Microsoft” strategy, which was a brainchild of chief executive Satya Nadella. The Microsoft CEO is predicted to go to India later this month, Microsoft confirmed during a statement. The business unit leader housed inside an IT company will make sure that the local Microsoft office therein particular location helps to roll out the answer, Maheshwari said Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service is basically on a high growth clip in India, and nearly “doubled” in 2019.

As the corporate is now moving forward to deploying new business models in India and one among these is IteS 360.
“The IT Industry in India is roughly a $180 billion industry today, and there’s a big value that they will provide in driving cloud solutions as a part of this $180 billion. that is what they’re doing once they go and drive digital transformation in several parts of the planet,” he said. “IT Companies today need cloud solutions, and Microsoft is in a position to supply them with not just cloud solutions, but also with very significant value adds like data, AI, modern workplace solutions like business applications, etc.”

He said revenue derived through this strategy was becoming a big part of the revenue line of the businesses that were already part of the initiative and thus they saw this as a growth area for them. As there was no real scale that existed within the companies earlier, “but they need now understood the facility of the go-to-market that we offer around the world”. as an example, one among the most important IT companies in India might be in 10 different geographies and needs to turn 15 different customers. In all of these geographies, an area Microsoft person works with them to travel and address the business problem together, he said. “So, they get the facility of Microsoft altogether of these 10 geographies. We’ve got a business unit leader inside their company who is in a position to drive this.”

He added that to require this momentum forward, Microsoft was getting to specialize in new customers – by targeting unicorns and little and medium enterprises – and new solutions producing the whole stack of Microsoft, including Office 365, Azure Cloud and Dynamics 365 and new business models like the IteS 360 one.

Talking about the business growth in India, Maheshwari said 2019 was an opportunity out year for driving cloud growth. “We have really done tremendous work across our segments of the enterprise, commercial side, public sector, government side and also on the tiny and medium businesses where tons of excellent work went on on the cloud. Just to offer you a way today, we are the No. 1 cloud player within the country.”

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